Tuesday, 14 December 2010

1. uncertainty: the state or condition of being unsure or in doubt about something
2. enjoyable tension: a feeling of tense excitement about how something such as a mystery novel or film will end
3. anxiety: a state of anxiety or intense worry about something

SUSPENSE is an anxious feeling, one feels when certain actions or outcomes are unexpected; often occuring in dramatic work. for example, television shows, and most commonlh films. Suspense is purposly created to build up tension of a big event or dramatic scene. Film director Alfred Hitchcock is well known for using this technique of creating suspense by making the audience believe a bad event is going to happen, however they are powerless in stopping it from happening.

This makes the audience feel a sense of curiousity on whats going to happen next which usually leads to a cliff hanger. Suspense is created in many different ways, for example ending the scene dramatically leading you to know more as to what happens after that occuring event; a simple 'last speech' or 'important prop' all add to the suspense.

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