Thursday, 16 December 2010

Thriller Sub Genres Research

Sub genres is simply a genre within a genre. sub genre movie is a movie which includes the theme of more than one genre. As part of my coursework I am studying Thriller sub genres. examples of these are; Romantic Thriller
Action Thriller
 Psychological Thriller
Horror Thriller
All those highlighted in bold are the sub genre of the main genre Thriller.
The sub genre I have decided to go into more depth is Psychological Thriller and the movie clip I have chosen to represent this is the 1980 Thriller movie, the shining.


A little boy, riding on a tricycle along a never ending corridor at full speed. Something is bound to happen. A first watch of this movie, i would think that it was anything but a thriller, perhaps the eary diegetic sound of the music gives it away. The long corridor that seems never ending creates an uneasy feeling. We know something is going to happen but when and how. Who is going to jump out of nowhere. No dialogue yet much suspense is created just through the setting and surrounding and music.

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