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The art of the title sequence


The titles featured in  'It Might Get Loud' is in Sans serif font and is made to look very modern and youthful but also is almost in the shape of a guitar to relate to the film which is mainly about music and guitars are heavely featured in the film and also in the opening. Majority of the shots are close ups of the guitar at different parts of the guitar and at different angles.The titles were placed on top of the close ups of the guitar most of the time. The title sequence applies to me because i coulsd see myself using such a technique to do my title sequence if i were to make film. This is due to the various refernces to music and this relates to me which is why i was so fond of this Title sequence.

Thriller audiences - research (unfinished)

When creating a film you must insure you think about the audience you are trying to go for , for example you must think about the age certificate and you must think about the kind of people you are trying to appeal to.Whether its middle age men or teenagers , whether its more suitable for males or females it is an very important part of making and creating a film.

These are some age certificates.

Introduction to live type and Final cut Pro

This is a screen shot of the timeline when we were editing our final prelim .

This is a screen shot of our jelly baby prelim shots.
This is the tool box .This is valid part of final cut pro , it includes a razor to cut scenes and many more tools to insure your film your creating is just the way you want it.

Font Analysis

The font used in films are essential and usually need to go well with the film and has to be relavant.
We learnt about two types of font .Serif fonts for example Times and Courier.
Serif fonts tend to be more authentic and traditional and are used for more formal things.Sans serif fonts for example Arial and Comic sans are usually used for more informal things and more modern films .

Serif fonts

Sans Serif fonts

In lesson we looked at two films and how they used font and also why they used certain  fonts.The two films we looked at were Pearl Harbour which used Serif fonts and Rocky which used Sans serif fonts.

Pearl Harbour uses Capitals which reflects the characters importance to the film  . Also the usage of times new roman Serif font shows the film is more of a formal and maybe old fashioned sort of film.The title also PEARL HARBOUR refers to an important event or an historical bookmark which also may the reason for the formal capitalized title.This film seems as if they are aimintg for a more mature audience , more malesthat are well educated and will understand the film.

Rocky uses bold , big  , round capital Sans serif font.This is likely to be because the creators want to make the font reflect rocky who is also big bold and round. This font has the quonotations of being modern and also informal.Also the font is tight on each side which could reflect rocky's fist punching. Rocky is a masculine boxer but Sans serif shows that he cans still love even with his agressive mannerisms .They also reflect this by putting a female in the picture and him holding her hand which shows he can still love.Alos the font is simple and uncomplicated just like Rocky.

Introduction to Camera skills

The camera we used to do majority of our filming was like the one featured on the right and the stand also on the right below the camera  was what we used . The stand is usually used to  keep the shots steady and also to keep the camera in as secure place when tilting camera up and down , in order to do high and low angle shots etc.Also the stands legs can be adjusted in for this reason to.

Here are some shot types :

* Long shot

* Extreme Long Shots

* Medium close up

* Close up

Camera positioning :

* Eye level shots - This is used to let the programme or film seem more realistic due to the camera and its positioning. When the camera is positioned at eye angle it creates a sense of realness and normality.

 * Point of view shots - This is when the action from the viewpoint of the actor or actress etc is shown which encourages viewers to have empathy on the character during a certain situation.

*Low/High angle shots - Both these angles can emphasise a charcters power or vulnerbality.

 *Shot Composition and framing - Each shot is a box or frame usually therefore the box or frames can be arranged in different ways to enhance the way characters communicate and also enhances where the characters are situated  in relationship to oneanother or to key props.

Camera Movements :

*Tracking - Occurs when the base of the camerea moves sideways to folloe the action taking place.
*Tilting - The base of the camera remains static but the camera moves vertically up and down . This technique is usually used to show sexual attraction usually with a female character.
*Panning - The base of the camera stay still while the camerea moves from left to right.Generally the movement is usually  horizontal and also may be up to 360 degrees . Pans are usually used to show a setting or the camera slowly reveals part of a room etc.
*Handheld - camerawork done using the hand and no stand can be used to follow actions similiar to tracking but handheld camerawork is used to show the characters point of view.Some film and programme makers use handheld camerawork  and are clumsy with it in order to make the audience feel nervous or uneasy and also to show a characters emotions i;e confusion , distress etc.

Other important shots:

*Cutaway - cutaway to actions and events occuring outside etc
*Establishing shot - opening shot of a programme or film etc

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

comments from Donna

Well done girls. Your blog is great and your pitch has been added. Allecia you are still behind and need to add some work –can you see me to arrange a schedule for workshops. Thanks

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Opening Titles: Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels

Lock, Stock using quite simple text. They have a quite crocked look to them.. which could reflect many of the characters in this film. They font in a yellowy colour on a black background which makes them really stand out.

Order of titles:

00:00 - Production Company (3sec)
00:13 - Production Company (3sec)
00:23 - Production Company (3sec)
00:49 - Producer (4 sec)
01:02 - Director (4sec)
02:01 - Name Of Film (9sec)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Opening Titles: Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs uses orange titles, on a black background at some points, then on top of the scenes in other points. the font is pretty simple using serif.

Order of titles:

00:01 - Production Company (3sec)
00:05 - Production Company (3sec)
00:10 - In Association With (4sec)
07:38 - Director (4sec)
07:54 - Main Actor (4sec)
07:58 - Main Actor (4sec)
07:03 - Main Actor (4sec)
08:07 - Main Actor (4sec)
08:12 - Main Actor (4sec)
08:17 - Main Actor (4sec)
08:21 - Main Actor (4sec)
08:26 - Main Actor (4sec)
08:34 - Name Of Film (9sec)
08:48 - Other Actors

Opening Titles: The Shinning

The Shinning uses bold plain titles, all in capitals and a light blue colour. They simply scroll up the screen while the in the background the birds eye view of the forest gets closer to the main location, the hotel.

Order of titles:

01:05 - Director (4sec)
01:11 - Main Actor (4sec)
01:17 - Main Actress (4sec)
01:22 - Name of Film (5sec)
01:27 - Other Actor (4sec)
01:32 - Other Actor (4sec)
01:37 - Other Actor (4sec)
01:42 - Other Actor (4sec)
01:48 - Other Actor (4sec)
01:53 - Other Actress (4sec)
01:58 - Other Actor (4sec)
02:04 - Producer (4sec)
02:08 - Based On The Novel of (4sec)
02:14 - Produced In Association With (4sec)
02:19 - Screenplay By (4sec)
02:24 - Produced And Directed By (4sec)

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Animatic Storyboard of Alisha

The Pitch

Before we got to film, we had to pitch our idea to our teachers and classmates. This was so that they could advise us on what sound good, what need improving and if there are where anything missing. We disieded to pitch using a power point presentation. Here is that presentation: