Wednesday, 2 February 2011


In class we looked at different types of fonts on film covers and analyse them, e.g we looked at the boldness of it and them tried to give a reason for why the font was in that style, colour, and looked at what it might represent and tell us about the film.

We looked at two different types of fonts; Serif font - such as Times and San Serif fonts such as Aerial.

Font analyse:

Pearl Harbor
We looked at the font cover of the film Pearl Harbor. The fact that the font is in Serif suggests that its and old film or based on a past history event/historical film. I believe it hints out that its a historical film because not only of the font but the image of the aeroplane which looks like it was used in the olden times because it looks old fashioned.The use of capital letters suggests prestigious, military and that its for a mature audience. Also the use of capital letters reflects the characters importance; higher case which suggests order and control, major event, and is like a head line newspaper.I believe they deliberately used this style of font to grab the right audiences attentions e.g people who like watching films to do with history.


We also looked at the font cover of Rocky as they are both completely opposite fonts and are for two different types of audiences. The font is in Sans Serif which shows that its a more formal and a more modern and friendly film. I believe that the reason why the title is round, big and bold is to represent and link with Rocky's character. The font is loud, very simple and looks like its punching out of the screen because of the no space on each corner of the word "ROCKY", reflecting Rocky's character. The words are also very tight together like a fist; like Rocky's fists, symbolising Rocky's strength.

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