Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Intro: Live type and sound skills

As a class we was given a brief tutorial about on how to use "Live Type" and "Soundtrack"

Live Type
including fonts, textures, objects, templates and effects. but what we was tutored on the fonts and how we can create them into our own style. Live type allows us to experiment with the type of fonts, effects and colours.

Live type; we was also showed that the change in attributes of the title or character allows us to create the perfect Thriller film accompanied with the suitable font type and music.

Below is an labeled image of what live type looks like. As you can see it allows you to be creative and imaginative with your words, giving you various options of font styles, also allowing you to adjust your size of font. The canvas allows us to view our work and and edit our fonts so that the titles can be as we desire.

Is a music composing and audio editing application made by Apple Mac. Unlike other software's Soundtrack allows us to view choose from various professional Instrumentals the type of sound we want. It allows us to mix and match different sounds creating and instrumental. This software allows us to add music to our film. Soundtrack has two main features Multitrack mode and Audio Editing Mode. Its a very tricky software to get the hang of because there is so much to remember however with practise i feel that it will become much easier.

Bellow is and image of Soundtrack that we used when we practised our film making.

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