Thursday, 17 February 2011

Audience: Who Watches Thrillers?

Here are the figures for the suspense films released in the UK in 2009:
These where the top 3 Thriller films that achieved the highest in the UK in 2009:

I believe they done so well in the box office as they are all part of the action/thriller subgenera, with scenes of explosions and car crashes etc. that were designed for the big screen. They also all have well know actors such as Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor, Nicolas Cage and Michael Caine, which will always encourage audiences to watch.

Here are some questions I answered in class, they helped me to understand more about the thriller audience:

1) How many suspense films were released in 2009? How many films were released altogether?

Suspense films = 31
Films altogether = 

2) Action, animation and comedy account fro 52% of Box Office in the UK in 2009. Why do you think these genres are so popular?

Animations and comedies often have no age limit, meaning they are suitable for the whole family, increasing their audience size. Comedies are also very popular in cinemas as they appeal to all groups e.g. families, couples and friends, as they are an easy watch. Actions, like I mentioned, are mostly designed with the big screen in mind, featuring big explosions, the audience will feel they wont appreciate the film as much, if they were to watch it on DVD.

3) why do you think Thrillers account fro quite a low proprotion of UK Box Office takings (4% in 2009)?

I believe thrillers have quite an ....... audience. Not everyone would enjoy thrillers, or would properly prefer to wait until the film is realised on DVD or on TV.

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