Monday, 28 February 2011

Font Analysis

The font used in films are essential and usually need to go well with the film and has to be relavant.
We learnt about two types of font .Serif fonts for example Times and Courier.
Serif fonts tend to be more authentic and traditional and are used for more formal things.Sans serif fonts for example Arial and Comic sans are usually used for more informal things and more modern films .

Serif fonts

Sans Serif fonts

In lesson we looked at two films and how they used font and also why they used certain  fonts.The two films we looked at were Pearl Harbour which used Serif fonts and Rocky which used Sans serif fonts.

Pearl Harbour uses Capitals which reflects the characters importance to the film  . Also the usage of times new roman Serif font shows the film is more of a formal and maybe old fashioned sort of film.The title also PEARL HARBOUR refers to an important event or an historical bookmark which also may the reason for the formal capitalized title.This film seems as if they are aimintg for a more mature audience , more malesthat are well educated and will understand the film.

Rocky uses bold , big  , round capital Sans serif font.This is likely to be because the creators want to make the font reflect rocky who is also big bold and round. This font has the quonotations of being modern and also informal.Also the font is tight on each side which could reflect rocky's fist punching. Rocky is a masculine boxer but Sans serif shows that he cans still love even with his agressive mannerisms .They also reflect this by putting a female in the picture and him holding her hand which shows he can still love.Alos the font is simple and uncomplicated just like Rocky.

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