Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thriller audience research.

Looking at the diagram that i have put up above we know that the female audience are more into romance films where as the male audience are more into Sci Fi action films. Overall from looking at the diagram we can see that thriller mostly appeals to a male audience. In addition the suspense thriller genre appeals to both audience however more s to male audience.

The certificate for thriller film is usually rated 15 or 18 due to sexual contents, violence and strong language. Below is an image of all the different film certificate types.

From looking at the films that we have watched such as the Taking of Pelham and what lies beneath tells us that thriller audiences appeal to more adult audiences as it contains more sexual, violence and drug acts. Looking at the Thrillers i have watch in lesson has helped me come up with ideas i can talk about with my group. Also it helps me and my group to decide on what out target audience is.

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