Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Thriller Audiences

For our film to be a success we need to make it appealing to the right audience, therefore we have to consider who we are aiming it at and why. we want our audience to get something out of this film and make it one to remember.

We specifically want to make our film appealing to the female and female audience age 18 and over because our film includes suspense as well as action and both these appeal to both genders.

Last Week I talked to a few of my friends via online, through the phone and asked them which type of genre they prefer to watch in cinema and why. 

I asked 4 males and 4 females between the ages 16 and 25. 

Their answers reflected the statistics as all 3 females except one who preferred romance completely said they enjoy wathing rom-com films with a mixture of suspense

50% of the males i asked responded reflectively to the statistics as they too said they would rather watch an action filled crime movies especially ones with a main female character and the other 50% said they prefer watching comedies in cinema. 

Our use of a female protagonist will draw in our male viewers as we have incorporated sexuality and sensuality. The female characters will enjoy this movie as it includes suspenseful moments and represents a powerful female persona.

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