Thursday, 3 February 2011

final Prelim - THE DEBT


 This is our groups final prelim.We had a long time to plan and prepare and also practice before our final prelim , and our film clip in the end had a good turnout . We used a range of camera shots and editing techniques which enhanced our prelim which added to the aim of creating suspense .We used camera shots such as close ups , Extreme close ups ,and low and high angle shots. We used  editing techniques such as shot reverse shot . Also the mise en scene helped create suspense due to certain things added into our film clip such as the body language for example one of the actresses ; Shani featured in our film clip , leg was shaking as another character Caroline sternly spoke  to her in a way to intimidate her.Her leg shaking made the scene suspenseful due to the fact that Shani acts as if nervous in the scene which shows she may well be intimidated by Caroline.Overall I think our final prelim was good and showed we have improved from the 'Jelly Babies clip' although there was space for improvement.

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