Friday, 8 April 2011

'RUBY' Screen On The Green- Feedback

This is my feedback i got from people, who were also watching our thriller opening. The people I interviewed were 16-18 years old, and so they werent our particular target audience, but it was great to get feedback from them as they were ion there too, and have gone through this whole media project. Sounds like they enjoyed it. :)

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Feedback and views from The Audience

Everyone who takes part in media at city and Islington sixth form college attended a cinema screening on the 5th of April.We watched the whole As media groups thriller including our own.she thriller openings that have been produced by us students. I really enjoyed watching every ones thriller including my own and it made me feel really proud watching mine and my fellow group members thriller on he big screen.

After we finished watching we had to get some feedback on our thrillers. I went to one friend and other students that I didn't no .They gave there opinions and views on our thriller.Here is some of the feedback we received below.

Prince Kongo: "i really enjoyed the thriller because they had a range of  shots although they were mainly close ups I felt that it emphasised on the suspense more so than if it was long shot, overall i though it was very entertaining and i wanted to watch more"

Rosetta Hudson: "the film was funny innovative & creative"

  Julien Winkel : "the film was really sexy and i liked that aspect of it , I loved the close ups of the woman pulling up her stockings and buttoning up her top , that drew me in from the start."

question 8

we have come to an end, and i feel that i have gain so much knowledge on this overall experience with this course. i feel that i have gain knowledge on how to use the camera down to the editing rough cuts e.g live type, soundtrack, final cut pro.

From the beginning of the course i had no idea on how to edit or even shoot a film. when i did know have some understand if what to do. below are screen shots of our foot scenes from our first attempt with our prelim and our final foot scene. if you can see it is a complete contrast to how we originally planned to shoot it. the reason why we changed our minds on the type of shot to final use for the foot scene is because it look more professional and was less shaky. whereas when we film the prelim the person whop was actually doing the foot scene was recording themselves. we learnt that is best to have someone shoot whilst acting as it looks more professional and controlled.

prelim <<<

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

I feel our Ruby, our final thrill, is a huge improvement from our prelim. There are several ways this is seen:


I am very proud of the camerawork in the Ruby! I feel the framing, focus, angles and shot types where filmed good, and where appropriate for the slick, clean feel we where hoping for in our film. Compared to the badly framed shot of our prelim.

Mise en scene!

The location where we filmed our prelim, our college! was completely inappropriate for the scene. You can clearly see school chairs, notices and posters in the background, which didn't really add to the serious storyline! Ruby however was much more appropriate, we decided to use my room, as it could seem quite grown up. The glass on my cabinets added to the glossy feel we wanted and we took down my posters to make it seem less teenage. It really work well, and could convincingly be Ruby's room.
The costume was also giving more consideration in Ruby. we went from casual everyday clothes in our prelim that didn't fit in with the genera, to a smart sophisticated look in Ruby that completely fits in. Our audience feedback commented positively on the customs of the characters in Ruby so i was really pleased to hear that


Yet again this has also improved. It is clear we have thought more about how the clips are gonna fit together, so they can edit together more nicely. The editing is much more fluent, and the continuity is good. Below is an example of where we have improved, as you can see, the prelim shots look like there put together ruffly, where as the Ruby shots are fluent:

Organisation and communication skills!

Over the whole project we developed our communication skills, regularly calling each other, meeting up outside of college and during workshops to work on our thriller. This made the project much easier and fun as we weren't stressing about where people where, or whats happening, like when we did our prelim where we didn't even have each others phone number. We have also become much more oragnised, like i said comunicating with each other, setting dates for filming, planing for the filming. Such as booking the equipment and making sure we bring the right props by using equipment list etc.

Question 8 Overall!



Pre Production

This is our first prelim we did months ago. I remember doing this we had no idea what we were doing, but got the hang of it as we went along. For our prelim we didnt really plan but just more or less went along with what we had. We didnt even have a planning location and so we filmed in the college canteen. We didnt plan the timing of our prelim and how long it will take for us to get our equipment together or book them. Unlike our final production we didnt create a clear storyboard labelling the shots and so, we had tio alter while filming and this was time wasting.

In our final production, we thought more about the planning than ever before, to the extent of making a list of all the equipment we needed for the day and making a filming schedule. we planned for several lessons to make sure that we knew what we wanted our final production to be like and choosing who wanted to play the characters. We were organised especially the second time of our filming and made sure to take extra batteries, an extra light for our shots to be brighter. We didn't waste time talking as bout the shots we were going to do, as we had our story board with which we used as a guide the whole through completing our final production


Filming our final prelim, we didnt really consider the type of shots we wanetd to use or how wen wanted to convey our characters, We end up filming in our college outfits and filming in our college canteen with the hustle and bustle of people about. We didn't acknowledge time. Now filming our final production we have learned how to consider time management and know what were filming next. We didnt waste time filming our final production we wanted to use. Throughout our filming we considered the shots we needed and the clothes while filming so the shots didn't seem out of place. For example, wearing a red lipstick before actually putting it on. We made sure we refilmed the same shot 3/4 times in different angles so that when it came to editing we had a variety, unlike our prelim where we only had a very small range of shots to choose from. Thus working with whatever we had.

Post Production

Our camera skills have massively improved from our first prelim. In our first prelim we did a good job with including a range of shots and angles to show our characters superiority.

However in our final production we have included different camera moves such as panning to create suspense. In our prelim we didn't think about the different ways we could create suspense but now using things such as props and lighting we managed to create suspense in an intriguing way to keep the audience engaged. The title sequence in our prelim is very basic, and almost looks similar to our final production title sequence. In our final production we have learnt about time management and knowing what title to put after the next and to consider the time distance in between. We used the art of thh title lesson to think about using either serif or sans serif font and in the end we used serif fonts to represent formality and femininity.

In our prelim, we were still learning how to use final cut pro and making sure that the shots fit in well and knowing which shots to keep or delete.Using final cut pro became very easy and even learning the basics such as saving properly, rendering, using the effects and so on, became a breeze to us. We learned to pay more attention to the things around us, such as, the background, and props. For example, the characters in our prelim we wearing normal clothes and we are not in character. Now shooting and editing our final production we have thought about the clothing the background, mise en scene, such as the use of wig, lipstick, high heels and even room colour. Editing our final production was fun as we began to use soundtrack pro as well. Soundtrack pro was not a favourite of ours in the editing of our prelim, but in our pro production we enjoyed mixing around with the sound and learning how to use the software properly. we even learned how to import sound and used the internet and youtube effectively for research of our final sound. We thought about our sound carefully and tried to incorporate our inspirational sound within. We also thought about the diegetic and non diegetic sound, and which sound effects we would want to use, in the end we just had the music over our opening through out, without sound effects.

number 7

Audience feedback

After our film was screened in a local cinema , Screen On The Green, i decided to capture the reaction of the audience to our film, here what our peers feedback:

This feedback is very interesting and we seem to have got a really good response. As it is our peers who are ages 16 - 18, they are not really our target audience, however they are all media student who are educated in different camera/ editing skills so it was interesting to hear what they said :)

I also asked some of my teachers. And screened it to my family. They are more of the target audience we where aiming for. Here's some feedback we got:

"Amazing, something I'd defiantly watch at cinema!"

"The camerawork is really effective, really nicely framed and edited, the music works but could be improved, as it is quite repetitive"

"I love all idea of the film, a hot female assain, would love to see the rest of the film, however the music is quite stereotypical and could benefit from being more edgy"

"Really memorable, the music, titles, camera shots are all great, the only criticism is that is seem quite long, maybe some shots could have been cut out"

Question 7

This is a animation of the technologies used four thriller opening. We have learned alot though out this prject and this is a short showcase of what we have done. Enjoy :)

Screen On The Green: Reaction and Feedback

This the feedback I got after watching our thriller opening. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

feedback from the audience

on the 5th april everyone who takes part in media had to go down to the cinema near our college and watch ALL the thriller openings that have been produced by us students. When i was watching our one on the big screen i felt really proud of it as i felt it was film acurately. Also having it up on a big screen made me get a feel of  what it would be like if it was a whole film.

After we had finished watching everyones film, i went around asking people what they thought about our film overall; the neggative and positive. I asked people who i didnt really know as i know if i asked a friend they would only tell me what i want to hear. therefore i asked for feed back from random people.

Rosetta hudson: "the film was funny innvotative & creative"

Prince kongo: "i really enjoyed the thriller because they had a range of  shots although they were mainly close ups i felt that it emphasised on the suspense more so than if it was long shot, overall i though it was very entertaining and i wanted to watch more"

question 7

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

Above is another media students work. I found their work on YouTube, where they hand received over 20,000 views, since they uploaded it in 2009. This shows how even low budget student films can be seen by thousands due to moden technology, such as YouTube and social networks.

We have taken full advantage of this and also used loads of different places for our thriller. Including:





Our thriller is a low budget, independent film that was relised on sites i mentioned. It will get a cinematic screening and shared screening amongst our peers, and family. It will also get a DVD release of 200 copies.

Who would be the audience for your media product

Geoffrey, 29, aspirers to work in marketing, currently works at Apple, loves going to the cinema, shops at Abercombie & Fitch.

How does your media product represent particular social groups

We very much based the look of 'Ruby' to Uma Thruman in Pulp fiction. Short black hair with fringe. Red lipstick. White shirt. Black pencil skirt.

'Women 2' the other character who's not in it for long was based on the look of the main character of The Girlfriend experience. Black dress. Black shades. Hair up. And the red lipstick again.

question 4 and 5

In the blue star is where our advertisement would show for our thriller. We would do this because we know that especially youtube people are more likely to be interested. as we know that youtube is a well know website thats known for access to film clips we felt that this could possibly help us get an audience wanting to watch our film.

As it was difficult for me to find and reasearch student film i decided to base it on "looking for eric"

Looking for eric is a british about the escape from the trials of modern life that footbal and its heroes can bring for its fans.  It was directed by Ken loach, written by paul lavery, and stars the footballer himself Eric Cantona.

cinema City is an independent british cinema which was established in 1980 by actors Raymond wong,  karl maka and Dean shek. i feel that my media product should be shown here because as it is not a big hollywood film and it needs to start off in a small location before it can explode world wide.

i feel that because it is a student film which is aimed at people who are 16+ i feel that the internet is a good way to advertise some our product. this is because a lot of young people tend to spend their time on the internet looking up new things i feel that especially social networks such as; Facebook, myspace, twitter, Skype. these networks are things that i will be advertising my film on. 

question 3

below is my montage of who i think my media product is for. i feel that our film is aimed at both male and female. below are images to present the type of people i feel would watch our thriller.


james is a male who is obsessed with his health and looking good. He needs designer everything. he is into women and is looking for a relationship. he is also a personal training 


Sasha is a fashion magazine manager. she is obsessed with her looks and name brands. she is a very attractive lady who wants to some day have children. she is very independent and earns a lot of money