Tuesday, 5 April 2011

feedback from the audience

on the 5th april everyone who takes part in media had to go down to the cinema near our college and watch ALL the thriller openings that have been produced by us students. When i was watching our one on the big screen i felt really proud of it as i felt it was film acurately. Also having it up on a big screen made me get a feel of  what it would be like if it was a whole film.

After we had finished watching everyones film, i went around asking people what they thought about our film overall; the neggative and positive. I asked people who i didnt really know as i know if i asked a friend they would only tell me what i want to hear. therefore i asked for feed back from random people.

Rosetta hudson: "the film was funny innvotative & creative"

Prince kongo: "i really enjoyed the thriller because they had a range of  shots although they were mainly close ups i felt that it emphasised on the suspense more so than if it was long shot, overall i though it was very entertaining and i wanted to watch more"

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