Tuesday, 5 April 2011

question 4 and 5

In the blue star is where our advertisement would show for our thriller. We would do this because we know that especially youtube people are more likely to be interested. as we know that youtube is a well know website thats known for access to film clips we felt that this could possibly help us get an audience wanting to watch our film.

As it was difficult for me to find and reasearch student film i decided to base it on "looking for eric"

Looking for eric is a british about the escape from the trials of modern life that footbal and its heroes can bring for its fans.  It was directed by Ken loach, written by paul lavery, and stars the footballer himself Eric Cantona.

cinema City is an independent british cinema which was established in 1980 by actors Raymond wong,  karl maka and Dean shek. i feel that my media product should be shown here because as it is not a big hollywood film and it needs to start off in a small location before it can explode world wide.

i feel that because it is a student film which is aimed at people who are 16+ i feel that the internet is a good way to advertise some our product. this is because a lot of young people tend to spend their time on the internet looking up new things i feel that especially social networks such as; Facebook, myspace, twitter, Skype. these networks are things that i will be advertising my film on. 

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