Thursday, 7 April 2011

Audience feedback

After our film was screened in a local cinema , Screen On The Green, i decided to capture the reaction of the audience to our film, here what our peers feedback:

This feedback is very interesting and we seem to have got a really good response. As it is our peers who are ages 16 - 18, they are not really our target audience, however they are all media student who are educated in different camera/ editing skills so it was interesting to hear what they said :)

I also asked some of my teachers. And screened it to my family. They are more of the target audience we where aiming for. Here's some feedback we got:

"Amazing, something I'd defiantly watch at cinema!"

"The camerawork is really effective, really nicely framed and edited, the music works but could be improved, as it is quite repetitive"

"I love all idea of the film, a hot female assain, would love to see the rest of the film, however the music is quite stereotypical and could benefit from being more edgy"

"Really memorable, the music, titles, camera shots are all great, the only criticism is that is seem quite long, maybe some shots could have been cut out"

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