Thursday, 7 April 2011

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

I feel our Ruby, our final thrill, is a huge improvement from our prelim. There are several ways this is seen:


I am very proud of the camerawork in the Ruby! I feel the framing, focus, angles and shot types where filmed good, and where appropriate for the slick, clean feel we where hoping for in our film. Compared to the badly framed shot of our prelim.

Mise en scene!

The location where we filmed our prelim, our college! was completely inappropriate for the scene. You can clearly see school chairs, notices and posters in the background, which didn't really add to the serious storyline! Ruby however was much more appropriate, we decided to use my room, as it could seem quite grown up. The glass on my cabinets added to the glossy feel we wanted and we took down my posters to make it seem less teenage. It really work well, and could convincingly be Ruby's room.
The costume was also giving more consideration in Ruby. we went from casual everyday clothes in our prelim that didn't fit in with the genera, to a smart sophisticated look in Ruby that completely fits in. Our audience feedback commented positively on the customs of the characters in Ruby so i was really pleased to hear that


Yet again this has also improved. It is clear we have thought more about how the clips are gonna fit together, so they can edit together more nicely. The editing is much more fluent, and the continuity is good. Below is an example of where we have improved, as you can see, the prelim shots look like there put together ruffly, where as the Ruby shots are fluent:

Organisation and communication skills!

Over the whole project we developed our communication skills, regularly calling each other, meeting up outside of college and during workshops to work on our thriller. This made the project much easier and fun as we weren't stressing about where people where, or whats happening, like when we did our prelim where we didn't even have each others phone number. We have also become much more oragnised, like i said comunicating with each other, setting dates for filming, planing for the filming. Such as booking the equipment and making sure we bring the right props by using equipment list etc.

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