Thursday, 7 April 2011

Feedback and views from The Audience

Everyone who takes part in media at city and Islington sixth form college attended a cinema screening on the 5th of April.We watched the whole As media groups thriller including our own.she thriller openings that have been produced by us students. I really enjoyed watching every ones thriller including my own and it made me feel really proud watching mine and my fellow group members thriller on he big screen.

After we finished watching we had to get some feedback on our thrillers. I went to one friend and other students that I didn't no .They gave there opinions and views on our thriller.Here is some of the feedback we received below.

Prince Kongo: "i really enjoyed the thriller because they had a range of  shots although they were mainly close ups I felt that it emphasised on the suspense more so than if it was long shot, overall i though it was very entertaining and i wanted to watch more"

Rosetta Hudson: "the film was funny innovative & creative"

  Julien Winkel : "the film was really sexy and i liked that aspect of it , I loved the close ups of the woman pulling up her stockings and buttoning up her top , that drew me in from the start."

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