Monday, 28 February 2011

Introduction to Camera skills

The camera we used to do majority of our filming was like the one featured on the right and the stand also on the right below the camera  was what we used . The stand is usually used to  keep the shots steady and also to keep the camera in as secure place when tilting camera up and down , in order to do high and low angle shots etc.Also the stands legs can be adjusted in for this reason to.

Here are some shot types :

* Long shot

* Extreme Long Shots

* Medium close up

* Close up

Camera positioning :

* Eye level shots - This is used to let the programme or film seem more realistic due to the camera and its positioning. When the camera is positioned at eye angle it creates a sense of realness and normality.

 * Point of view shots - This is when the action from the viewpoint of the actor or actress etc is shown which encourages viewers to have empathy on the character during a certain situation.

*Low/High angle shots - Both these angles can emphasise a charcters power or vulnerbality.

 *Shot Composition and framing - Each shot is a box or frame usually therefore the box or frames can be arranged in different ways to enhance the way characters communicate and also enhances where the characters are situated  in relationship to oneanother or to key props.

Camera Movements :

*Tracking - Occurs when the base of the camerea moves sideways to folloe the action taking place.
*Tilting - The base of the camera remains static but the camera moves vertically up and down . This technique is usually used to show sexual attraction usually with a female character.
*Panning - The base of the camera stay still while the camerea moves from left to right.Generally the movement is usually  horizontal and also may be up to 360 degrees . Pans are usually used to show a setting or the camera slowly reveals part of a room etc.
*Handheld - camerawork done using the hand and no stand can be used to follow actions similiar to tracking but handheld camerawork is used to show the characters point of view.Some film and programme makers use handheld camerawork  and are clumsy with it in order to make the audience feel nervous or uneasy and also to show a characters emotions i;e confusion , distress etc.

Other important shots:

*Cutaway - cutaway to actions and events occuring outside etc
*Establishing shot - opening shot of a programme or film etc

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