Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Art Of The Title Sequence

Casino Royale contact sheet
Casino Royale

Casino Royale's titles, use a plain white sans-serif font on the many colourful, and exciting patterned background. All the background fit into the theme of the film for example the gambling tokens and the card patterns are all part of the gambling theme of the film. There are not many camera shots as most of the sequence has been animated, however we still see different types of shots in a way.. e.g. the close up of the bullet hole and target on the card. I'm not sure why this caught may attention so much... I guess I just liked the arty backgrounds. Also I love action thriller so that may also be why!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang contact sheet

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang's titles are quite similar to Casino Royale's in that it is to mostly animated. The sequence sticks to a black, grey and red colour theme, presumably to represent, dark, blood and danger. Many of the shots have blood spatter, so add to this message. The fonts used both a sans-serif and serif and are much more expressive, switching from from bold capitals to crocked, uneven lower case. I'v never actually watched this film but was once again drawn into the arty background.

This Is England

This Is England contact sheet

After looking at two films I don't know that well.. I fount This Is England :) a film I love and have watched many times. The font is wide block capitals in white, with what looks like cracks, almost like buildings breaking and cracking, which could reflect the state of England at that time. We are shown many clips of old film: A rough looking estate, Skinheads with the British flag, Punks at a gig, Old video games, a police man getting beaten up, war, and of course Margaret Thatcher. All these old clips have been cleverly used to set the scene, telling the audience, about the technology, youth culture and politic in England at that time. 

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