Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Final prelim and Evaluation


 Here we have the final prelim we shot in our media lesson. We have incorporated all the shot types we wanted to use from our storyboard, without jelly babies :). 

Filming our final prelim we were aware of what our teacher told us. we made sure to use a variety of shots and angles so that when it came to editing we could pick and choose which ones we thought will fit into our film well.

We filmed our final prelim in our college canteen as it almost looked like the setting we were aiming for.

While filming our prelim we experienced some difficulties because people were walking past the camera while we were filming. We had to acknowledge that every now and again people will interfere but we managed co-operate with them and inform them that were filming and if it was okay to use an alternative route for the mean time. 

Each member of my group had an input with the types of shots to use and we discussed together where each shot should go and why. 

I personally think we have improved greatly from our last filmings and we took on board teahcers criticisms like: making sure the camera lense is not out of focused because if it is we cannot use the shot, shooting many shots so that our editing process can become effective making our prelim effective, and making sure to keep the characters and objects in frame. 

Our main technique we learned was the focusing technique. To check if our camera is in focus, we were told to focus on our finger on one of our eyes. That way we know whether the lens is out of focus or not. We also learned to always keep our lens on manual focus.

Editing our prelim was not as difficult as we thought because we gained experience from using Final Cut Pro several times now. Again we all sat in the editing suite and went through each shot and discussed together where it should be placed. 

I like the editing stage of filming because you are creating your own.

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