Friday, 18 February 2011

Thriller Planning : The Tile Sequence

Once we had our main idea, we started to think about the style of editing and camera shots we could use to present this idea in an effective way.

As a group we looked at The Taking Of Pelham 123. I previously looked at this title sequence and loved the style of editing and music used, and feel this edgy modern style of editing could work well in our title sequence.

We plan to used lot of close ups and extreme close ups, so started looking at where extreme closes ups have been used effectively.

 Lurpak Advert

I really like this advert.. it shows how even something as boring as a butter advert can become exciting and dramatic through the right camera shots and editing


Dexter's title sequence is an amazing example of where close ups have been used to create a creepy unnerving effect that really captures our attention. We see him carrying out his normal daily routine e.g shaving, cooking, eating, getting dressed and tying his shoe laces. However by using the close up we notice every detail that in this case brings many connotations of death. For example when shaving we see a close up of a cut with blood dripping like he's slit his trough and the meat sizzling that bring connotations of burning flesh. When putting his top on the fabric grips he's face like hes suffocating, and while tying his shoes the close up of his hand tightly griping the laces makes us thick of strangulation.

I feel very inspired after watching this! Although our theme is slightly different from Dexter, we could still use the style of shots to bring connotation of part of our theme: Hidden Identity. This could be done by using close ups of her getting ready. For example, putting on lip stick and mascara, stepping into heels, putting on a wig etc.

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