Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Collateral Suspense Analysis

In Collateral there were various examples of effects used to create suspense during the film which engaged and intrigue the audience. Our task is to state three suspenseful moments featured in the film .The opening scene of collateral was a good example of a suspenseful moment where there was two men ; Tom Cruise and Jason Statham ,who bumped into one another and discreetly swapped bags as if it was an accident.Also the crowded airport and the diagetic sounds of the hectic airport and the dialogue of the two actors  makes the scene seem rushed , as if whatever is going to happen must happen quickly which also left the audience feeling suspenseful. This created tension due to the non diagetic slow orchestral music in the background of the scene after the bag swap which was about 37 seconds into the opening. The music then speeded up after the bag had been swapped and the two man walked away from one another.Also the use of close ups , the eye contact between the two characters and the dialogue  in the scene enhance the suspenseful moments in the opening.

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