Saturday, 29 January 2011

Introduction to editing: skills

We was taught about editing and learnt what program we have to use when wanting to edit which is "Final Cut Pro", this software is used enabling us to edit our movies. When editing you get a variety of tool bars which allow you to cut, adding effects such as fade out/ fade in. We was given a short tutorial about the software and then was given a chance to play about with the tools and familiarise ourselves with the different types f tools and its functions.

We learnt other things such as the viewer and the canvas windows and what the difference is. We also learnt short cuts of how to cut scenes to make them smaller. For example if we didnt want the whole scene we shot we could shorten it and take out the parts that we only want by using the "I" and "O" buttons.

Below is an image form google of final cut pro.

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