Thursday, 27 January 2011

Analysis Of Title Sequence Which Inspires Me


I definitely want to incorporate this font and type of title sequence into my thriller movie because it completely steps out of the mould of conventional title sequences. the rough edge just goes perfectly with our plan of psychological thriller and i think it will fit in well.


This is the title sequence of the psychological thriller movie Se7en and I find this openeing very inspiring because of its distinction from other thriller title sequence. 

First of all the hand writing style font of the title sequence already sets its difference apart from other thriller title sequences, as it is unique; A strong Gothic atmosphere is portrayed. This completely diverts from the norms of usual thriller title sequences. 

The black background behind the white writing makes it stand out and shows the audience the information they need to know. 
As the character is reading a book in the opening the handwriting style of font is very well fitted within this genre of thriller. 

The font is also a sans sarif font which is a much more modern font and less traditional. The film can straight away appeal to a universal audience and signifies the type of film and time sense the film is in.

While the title sequence is rolling the film is playing this is the type of title sequence i would like to convey in my psychological thriller. this way i can the audience's mind working right from the beginning, and i am able to grab their attention from the very first image and text. 

 I think it is important to grab the audiences attention right from the beginning and this title sequence does just that. 
I would like to incorporate some of these aspects into my original psychological film.

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