Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Bag Swap

Scene 3

This is another scene taken from the film watched in class, Collateral. This particular scene is full of suspense, and this is created through the dialogue first of all, followed by the non diegetic sound of the string based music. Suspense is created as Vincents dialogue speeds up and his voice becomes higher and louder. he is trying to stop Foxx from crashing his car as he is beginning to speed out of anger. As a viewer I was holding onto my seat because I knew the car was going to crash; whether they survived or not I had no clue.

The close up used in this scene signifies the intensity of the characters emotions. The earry music builds up along with the dialogue and this highlights the impact of the accident after. The audience is aware that something is going to go wrong any moment from now, and that is part of the suspense created.

the close up of the bag is again a key prop and this establishes to the audience the symbolic meaning of that prop. The briefcase is what holds the information Vincent needs in order to continue on his killing spree. The audience are aware that if somethings happens to the briefcase then something terrible will go wrong

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