Saturday, 22 January 2011

Introduction To Camera Skills

Once we learnt all the basics, we got learn some camera skills and different shots. 

Here are some of the shot we learnt:

WS (Wide Shot)

MS (Mid Shot)

MCU (Midium Close Up)

CU (Close Up)

ECU (Extreme Close Up)


OSS (Over-the-Shoulder-Shot)

POV (Point of View Shot)

Here are some different camera angles we learnt:

High Angle

Low Angle

Bird's-Eye View

After we lent the different skill, it was time for the fun bit! :)
We were asked to film a shot scene based on the famous bag swap scene of Collateral

I really enjoyed this part! I realised just how many different shots are needed, even for just a short scene. We had to think of the continuity, and always left 5 seconds of filming before each shot so that it would edit together easily. 

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