Thursday, 27 January 2011


Intertextuality is where other films borrow ideas and convert it into their own creation. It is usually seen in thriller films as most films are inspired by other film ideas and therefore interpret the original ideas and make it their own. We know when intertextuality is used because most films have common mice en scene that are used in most thrillers. For example a prop that often is used in a thriller film is a knife that is repeated in other films. Other borrowed ideas such as the way in which the camera is being uses; the angel shots, and reasons for shooting it in that certain way. Another intertextuality that's commonly used are long distant shots of a person to emphasise on the fact that they are in danger. And i feel that psycho is a great example of all these features. This is because the way it builds up tension makes the audience feel engaged with the film and therefore want to watch more.

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