Thursday, 27 January 2011

Inspirational Thriller Tieles


I find the visual aspects of Vertigo's title sequence very dated and quite boring.. looking at the age of the film this is not surprising! However considering it pre-dates computers what it managed to do at the time is pretty extraordinary.
Starting with an extreme close up of a quivering lip and panning up the face to nervous looking eye shows us the emotions on the actresses face and transfers them emotions to our own. The panning look quite wobbly, makeing us feel nauseous, a common effect of vertigo.

It then zooms in further into one of the eye, as it opens wide in shock and the screen turns red, bringing connotations of fear and danger.

The music reminds me of a dreamy  sound, but where other bit of music have been added its turned into a dramatic, nightmare sort of sound.

The font is very bold, in harsh big white blocks. By having a gap in the font the words look like they have been dubbled, almost like were seeing double vision, something you could experience with vertigo.

The sequence then take the shape of the pupil and turns it into spinning motions in a sort of hypnotising, blur. Yet again hinting to the name of the film vertigo! 

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