Thursday, 27 January 2011

Definition of Film/sub genres
 Film genres are the most common and identifiable film sub-genre categories, with descriptions of each type or category. These are identifiable sub-classes of the larger category of main film genres, with their own distinctive subject matter, style, formulas, and iconography. Some are them are prominent sub-genres, such as: biopics, 'chick' flicks, detective/mystery films, disaster films, fantasy films, film noir, 'guy' films, melodramas (or 'weepers'), road films, romances, sports films, supernatural films, and thriller/suspense films. There are also minor film sub-genres.

 Seven is a good example of a psychological Thriller , which is a sub genre.
A Thriller sub genre is a film that is portrayed as a thriller n=but also manages to keep the audience in suspense at the same time. Thriller sub genres can also feature political aspects or they can be full of action  ,crime etc. All films created in this day and age would usually have a specific genre of some sort for example horror, thriller etc. The reason sub genres are becoming more and more popular now is because the audiences get more and more demanding as time passes . The film industry need to keep up with the public and what they enjoy in order for there films to do well and succeed in entertaining and keeping the audience interested and content.The genre we are studying is thriller, and a film that stood out to me and inspired me was Seven. It Includes the main and most important aspects needed for a thriller which are good use of techniques that made the opening keep us in suspense and it also has a good plot behind it.

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