Saturday, 29 January 2011

Analyse of collateral

As a class we had to watch a the film Collateral and analyse the suspense.

In this clip Jamie Fox is speeding in the car with tom cruise and eventually crashes. I feel that this clip of  is a perfect example of suspense, because it gets the audience anxious to know what might happen next. I feel that the use of electro rock music and the sound of the car skidding builds up tension, as i believe that it links in nicely with the fast pace of the scene and the sight loudness of the music every time the speed of the car increases. The dark gloomy surroundings creates suspense because it in the night time and whereas ark areas are usually accompanied by danger and death.

 Also i feel that the constant camera shot of the speedometer builds suspense because its letting the audience know that they are going above speed limit, it also keeps them interested as they would want to know more of whats happening. The constant long shot of the road helps the audience feel more engaged as it makes them feel as if they are really there. I feel that Jamie fox's tense body language as he goes across the red light also builds suspense because it makes the audience feel uncomfortable, as they know that they are in for the worst.

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