Thursday, 27 January 2011


In our lesson we looked at different fonts, and why they are chosen on different films. There are basically two types of font:

Serif font - such as Times and Courier


Sans Serif fonts - such as Arial and Verdana

Serif fonts tend to be more traditional and often slightly more formal then Sans Serif fonts, which, are more modern and 'friendly'


"Fonts convey an emotion without actually having to say the words." 
- Neville Brody


By using Palatino, a Serif font, Pearl Harbor suggests that it's an old fashioned/ historical film. As they are tackling a serious past event, they want the whole presentation to represent that. Therefore, they choose a Serif font as it is known for being formal... also many newspapers use Serif fonts, so the title brings connotations of a newspaper headline from the past.

Rocky on the other hand went for a more informal font, Franklin Gothic Heavy, as this suited the style of film much better then a Serif font. The title makes a really statement, big, bold and in capitals, reflecting the character of Rocky himself. The bold letters are squeezed together, and look as though their pushing out almost like a cleansed fist punching towards us, emphasising on the boxing theme of the film.

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