Saturday, 29 January 2011

Introduction to the Camera/ SKILLS

Above is an image of our camera we used to film our ractise thriller, and is the camera we are going to use to film our final thriller scene. we learnt the basic information e.g to urn it off when we are not using it to keep it in a safe secure place. we also had rules to follow such as to ask for an unberella  when filming if it is raining, ask permision to film on private properties e.g shops.

During our lesson we were given cameras and learnt what functions they have. we were shown what to do and what not to do, what effects would be good for our Thriller clip and how we could make it look close to perfection. we were taught not to use the auto but instead use the manual focus this is because it allows the camera to capture tiny details. we were taught not to use the zoom as past students have tried this and have ended up with bad results so instead we were advised to do close ups and pan.

These are the shots we learnt:
  • ECU - extreme close up
  • POV - point of view shot
  • OSS - over the shoulder shot
  • MCU - mid close up
  • WS - wide shot
  • MS - mid shot
  • CU - close up

Angels we were taught:
  • High angle shot
  • Low angle shot
  • Birds eye view

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