Thursday, 27 January 2011

What Interests Me About Intertextuality In Film

Intertextuality IN FILM

Intertextuality is a term to describe the visual referencing between films. simply films 'borrow' from each other, and you may recognise certain camera angles, aspects of mise en scene, snippets of sound or other methods of editing of some films you have seen before

What Interests Me About Intertextuality
Intertextuality is great as it broadens my imagination. The skill of using certain aspects of other films to create your own unique one is very interesting and inspiring.   

Example 1

Alred Hitchcock's thriller Psycho;
This famous scene of Hitchcocks film has been an ispiration for many films today.

Example 1

The Famous shower scene is incorporated in this student film. This is a very good interpretation of the famous shower scene and so i have decided to include a video of this. The similarities include the diegetic sound of the water running, the shadow of the knife in the 'killer's' hand and the head hanging with the eyes open at the end. The camera also diverts from the victim's face to it's feet and this is another aspect taken from the famous Psycho shower scene.

Example 2
 What Lies Beneath

This is a screenshot taken from the movie 'What Lies beneath' (200) by Robert Zemeckis
This shower scene includes the most iconic prop which is the bath tub. The bath tub filled with water alone introduces the scene very well. A sense of shock and panic is felt while watching this.

 Example 3
  Fatal Attraction

This is a screen shot of the film 'Fatal Attraction' (1987) by Adrian Lyne. 
This shower scene incorporates the iconic prop used which is the knife and includes the blood running down from the victim. 
The white wall of the shower scene also highlights the intensity and boldness of the blood for the audience to recognise the impact of the attack.

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