Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Analysis of collateral

Scene 1

This is the 'Fever Club Scene' in Collateral and i have used this example as there a lot of different shots used to create tension and suspense.

There is use of panning throughout the scene from where Jamie Foxx enters.  the panning creates the sense of eyes being used to watch around the venue.
The panning makes the viewer feel involved as it is almost put into a point of view shot.

There are a lot of wide shots used in this scene to establish the atmosphere of the club and the people around.
The atmosphere is 'sweaty' and the use of the colour blue could be used to signify the contrast of the club name 'fever'.

The diegetic sound of club music within this scene is very loud with a rocky element to it. this sound also sets the atmosphere of the club and shows the reader the dangerous environment the charcter
has ended up in. as the audience we are made to feel uneasy as to what may happen.
However it also makes me, as the viewer feel intrigued as to what may happen next.

Even though the music is playing and they are having a good time, something about the music is also illustrating to us that something terribly wrong is going to happen.

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