Saturday, 29 January 2011

Bag Swap

what happens in this scene is that two men are walking towards each other and bump into each other and swap bags, and then walk off into different directions. The uses of diegetic sounds such as footsteps, normal airport sounds build tension. the slow pace of editing suggests that from the beginning of the film they want the audience to know who the main character is in the film. the use of the blurring editing effect is a good way of getting the audience engaged with the film because it is as if they are the characters and shows what the main focus is.

the close up of the bags suggests that they are the main subject of the scene and gets the audience thinking. however the audience may not think negative about the character as its not unusual for a man to have a brief case if his appearance is clean, in a suit. However the sun glasses are a prop that may draw the audience to his attention. the tension starts to decrease as both start to talk to each other when they bump into each other, however when they pick up the bags and walk off brings back the tension and suspense because the audience are now wanting to know whats going on, leaving them asking many questions as they know somethings not right.

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