Monday, 24 January 2011

Introduction to Soundtrack Pro

After lerning about Final Cut Pro, we were then introduced to Soundtrack Pro. Here's what I learnt :) 

The screen in the bottom right, has a list of loads of different clips of sounds that can be used and mixed together to create soundtracks or added sound in films. You can minimise the list of sounds by selecting a category of what genre your looking for e.g. Jazz or Orchestral. You can also search in the type of feeling / mood your looking for e.g. Cheerful or Dark.
You can then select the clip you want. Once selected it will pop up on another tab where you will be able to hear it. If you are happy with that clip, you can then go back to the original tab and drag the sound to your time line. Where you are able to change the length, add more sounds, and loads more.

Beside the time line, there is a control panel. Here you can change different thing of each of the sounds e.g. the volume. 

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