Saturday, 19 February 2011

Our Audience

I think our audience would have a certificate 18, although our title sequence wont contain anything bad. You could imagine our type of thriller containing violence, sex, and strong language. Looking at similar films such as Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction they are all 18.

It will be targeted at both men and women. From the research I done on gender and audience, I found then men tend to watch action thrillers and women prefer suspense. Our thriller will contain aspects from both genre so should appeal to both.

In cinema.... Research show that certificate 18 films tend to not do so well in cinema as, by having an 18 film you are stright away half your available audiences. However it also shows that action is the most popular thriller in cinemas, as our film contains action, there is more of a chance people viewing it in cinema.

Advertisement... We would use mostly modern advertisement such as posting trailers on Youtube, pages on Facebook, accounts on Twitter etc.

Audience Profile:

- Male
- 20-35 years old
- Film lover
- Often visits cinema
- Expendable income
- Uses social networking

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