Wednesday, 23 March 2011

About our sound for our thriller

 we were inspired by songs sound tracks such as the xx "crystallise" because it was a simple guitar beat.  It was quiet smooth and continuous through out it started to get louder as the song went on which shows good build up.

We had a lot of ideas that came to mind when it came to picking out thriller soundtracks to fit in with our film. our first idea we though of was having a typical cliché thriller sound: violins, slow tempo, to show suspense and tension.

hoverer It took us a while to come together as a group and decided on a suitable sound. we wanted a strong but not to powerfully sound as we wanted the audience to feel engaged but not getting them to involved yet, as we didn't want them to become bored. therefore we came to a decision to have an up beat sound that also included some scary sounds. This way the sound reflects the movement of the characters.

below are images of how we achieved this:

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