Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Evaluation of Rough Cut- Editing

We have chosen to not use any dissolves in our thriller opening because we want it to reflect most of the well known thriller openings. Our plan is to interpret as much as we can from our inspirational openings as much as we can.

Such as: Seven, Stepfather

We have edited our film to manipulate time and have used a range of match cuts to do this. We wanted our thriller opening to flow and not seem so roughly cut. Having many shots to choose from in the beginning gave us this advantage.

We used a lot of match cuts and close ups as we recognised a lot of thrillers use this in their opening. Examples are; Seven, Stepfather, and Dexter.

Our use of close ups highlight the intensity of the character and invited the reader into their mind. Our thriller will create a big impact on the big screen because the close ups create that emphasis. Match cuts create suspense and also just makes our thriller flow in a more interesting way.

The match cut from Character 1 to Character 2 who has a hidden identity until the end.

This allows the reader to question who it is and why they are there. What relationship do they have with each other, yet it does not give anything away.

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