Sunday, 20 March 2011

Inspirational Songs

I am such a massive fan of Quentin Tarantion! Watching his films over and over again.. I have found he always picks amazing songs, that fit his films perfectly! From the fast, edgy, 'misirlou' in Pulp Fiction, to the soulful sound of Bobby Womack in Jackie Brown, the songs he chosses really capture our emotions creating the mood for the rest of the film. Here is one of many example of why i love Tarantion : (the song starts at 07:35)

The 'cool' yet sinister sound, completely fits in with the bunch of suited and dangerous men walking confidently on the road, with the added effect of slow motion. Its a real memorable opening.. in fact the first thing I think about with Reservoir Dogs, is this song!

When Thinking of our thriller, I can imagine a slow paced sinister sound. To fit in with the slow pace of editing and the unnerving false identity plot. I found this song by The XX that i thick would be great for our thriller! :

Although were not allowed to use already made songs, I thick if we could create a sound similar to this, it would really add to the thriller. However as me, and my group, are not confident on using Soundtrack Pro, we shall see if this is at all possible!

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