Wednesday, 23 March 2011

costume and props

our props we used were passports to show that her identity is hidden therefore we wanted people to suspect why she has three passports. the reason for this is to show that she is doing something she shouldn't be doing, grabbing the audiences attention.

The red lipstick, passports and wine all connote danger sexuality and love. this goes back to what we said before. these are our main significant props to show how dangerous and mischievous she can be.

 We wanted her look sexy therefore the costume was The tight pencil skirt and smart shirt and heels represents independence and allows the audience to understand why me are falling for her.

 Our working title was Alisha. but while editing our film we came across the use of the colour RED. At that moment our Media Teacher Mary suggested said the colour red reminded her of a Ruby stone. In the lesson we suggested that we should name our secret assassin Ruby as the whole story is based around her.

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