Thursday, 24 March 2011

Editing finale sound

We had a rough sound, we created a few days ago, but like I mentioned then we felt like it still weren't write. As the deadline was so soon, and we still had so much to do! We decided to spilt up, I was adding the title, while Caroline edited the sound. I thick what she came up with works really well :)

Hear are some screen shots she tock while editing:

 We kept the Orchestral String Section 07 as it had the unnerving beat that we liked. However we added Designer Synth 07 and Orchestral String Section 28. The Synth kept the claim steady pace through out the sequence. While the added Strings was there to add another unnerving sound along with the String 07.
 We then imported the sound to Finale Cut, where we where more able to adjust the volume of each sound so that it fitted in with the right scenes. 

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