Monday, 21 March 2011

Editing Sound

I found, finding the sound to our Thriller the most difficult part of the whole experience so far! There are so many clips on soundtrack we just didn't know where to start. We didn't really want to use the typical jumpy violin sound that has been used so many times.. not that there's anything wrong it. We just felt it would not fit in with our film. Instead our film is very slow paced. So we had to create a sound that fitted in with the slow pace, but still with an edgy sound, to show that not everything 'normal' and that the film it is a thriller!

We choose 'Orchestral String Section 73' as it is a slow clam sound that we made quieter so its more of a background repetitive sound that keeps the slow pace through out the film. We then added in 'Acoustic Double Bass Groove 12' as its more strong and dramatic, so adds the 'thriller' part to the music, establishing that not everything is 'normal'. We also added a third sound which comes in later then the rest. We matched it up with the film to the part when she puts on the wig. This will make a statement, when you can hear a change in the music, and will hopefully have a attention grabbing effect to the audience.

This is what our finished sound looks like. However I still feel it is unfinished. As it was our first attempted I feel we could come up with a better suited sound. Or maybe improve this one.

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