Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Editing our Rough Cut Thriller

I guess editing our thriller is the most fun part of the whole [project. Coming back to lesson and fusing together what we have filmed is very exciting. However not so exciting when you come back to a board full of dark unusable shots.

Our problem when filming was that we forgot to check whether the LD filter was on or off. We were gutted and it was frustrating but we had no choice but to go back and film again. This time we carried with us a light to correct the lighting and came back with  perfect shots ready to put on the time-line and EDIT! :)

Although filming again was the least thing we wanted to do, we found out that were able to shoot more than we did before and included different ideas to create a great thriller movie. We shot in the same place and used the same costumes, but we changed the main character due to the wig not fitting on a new hair style. This was not a big issue as all of us were willing to participate in the thriller.

I guess the saying, 'Everything happens for a reason' came to pass indeed. And thanks to one of our assistant teachers Phil we gained new ideas to use, such as the inclusion of passports and different ways of delivering out psychological thriller across with a female sexuality.

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