Wednesday, 16 March 2011

How we came across our thriller opening idea!!..

RIGHT. This day was our day of light and realisation that our initial thriller opening was a definate NO-GO!!
(hand over forehead in shame)

Initial Plan:
Initially our story line for our thriller opening was this:
A psycho lady who walks around town with an empty buggy because she longs for a child she cant have and so one day she meets a lady at the bus stop and as the lady turns to look at the bus timetable 'lady 1' takes 'lady 2' baby and puts it into her own buggy.

Sounds familiar?.. hint?:(Duff Duff)..

It wasnt a suprise that our story line was not going to be as successful as we thought for a number of reasons:
  • where would we get the buggies from and who would even let us borrow a buggy
  • how would we get baby equipments
  • how on earth could we make a 'fake' baby look realistic
So considering all of this we knew our first plan was not going to work. Even hearing comments from our media teacher Donna, made us realise that we needed to think of something more realistic and easier for us to partake all together. She came up with an idea.

Since our group is all female it would only make sense to do a thriller opening based on a sexy female assassin. So decided to base it on a female who has a hidden identity and uses her sexuality to lure in her male targets. BINGO!..

Through this we created our pitch idea and our media teacher was proud of us, for scrapping our initial idea and taking a risk of trying something different. Through planning we came to the conclusion to avoid using knives and blood and instead use things which signify those things just like the opening of 'stepfather' and create a sense of normality; things such as red wine, red lipstick, a belt buckle.

Through this we found our inspiration through Pulp Fiction and girlfriend Experience which I blogged about previously.

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