Thursday, 31 March 2011

Question 4 and 5

Researching a successful student film was difficult as I couldn't find information on their advertisement, and distribution and so i decided to base it on 'Looking For Eric'.

This is the link to the movie trailer
Looking For Eric

 Looking for Eric is a 2009 British film about the escape from the trials of modern life that footbal and its heroes can bring for its fans. It was written by screen writer Paul Laverty and directed by English director Ken Loach. The film's cast includes former professional footballer Eric Cantona

 Cinema City is a British Independent Cinema, and these are screen grabs of the one in Norwich. The cinema is quite small and only has a few screens. 

The auditoria seat 190, 98 and 63. I think my media product will be shown here, because it is only a British student film. Filsm such as Avatar have a high budget and so can afford more seats making more profit. Our low budget British film will have to be seated in a small screen. Profit will probably be made, but not as much as a film directed by James Cameron.   

Because ours is a student film, the internet is a good place for it to be advertised and publicized. A  low budget production company like ours will eventually get a cinematic screening and shared screenings for family and friends to watch. The internet is a perfect place for our student film to be distributed and publicised potentially reaching a Global Audience.

Social Networking Sites Such As: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Bebo can all help publicise and advertise our film. Many people keep in touch on these sites and 'word of mouth' will be our greatest weapon of getting our film out there to be watched. Many young people are involved in social networking and so it will appeal to them the most, especially with the use of internet on mobile phones, game consoles, laptops. the use of technology enhances our production and publicity.

Even mobile apps and games will help advertise the film, if we reach that point of Global Publicity and appealing to a Global Audience. For example, Sports Apps like Sky Sports, would publicise  'Looking For Eric making it appealing to the male audience.

Things such as Facebook Pages, create more publicity for the film and this is a 'word of mouth' technique in order to get more and more people to be involved. 'Looking For Eric' Facebook page received a lot of likes and this shows that it was a successful independent British Film.

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