Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sound editing.

My main role of editing has been the sound.
Editing the sound for our thriller Genre and i have now finished importing it into our opening.

Editing the sound was quite difficult because I needed to consider whether it will fit in well with our opening and adjust the volume according to a specific part of the opening. For example, making some parts louder than others to signify that danger is occurring or something important is happening.

I have chosen to use use Orchestral String Section 70 because it gives off that mellow atmosphere, while creating suspense. After all there is no point adding music if it does not tell the story too. This particular sound, I felt was as close as we could get to the sound we wanted for our film. As I could not use any sound from youtube. The sound suits well with our psychological thriller and I hoppe it keeps the viewer engaged until the end.

The Designer Synth 07 adds the thriller like quality to our opening. While watching other openings I found that it was conventional and so I wanted to incorporate that same sense of style into ours

I have finally completed the sound task of our thriller and all that needs to be done is the Text, which Isla is going to do.

I used the pen tool to adjust the volume to create that suspense. It keeps the momentum of teh opening going, but allowing the viwer to never lose interest.

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