Tuesday, 29 March 2011

question 1

in lesson we was told to take some screen shots from a title sequence thriller opening called " Electra Luxx (NSFW) and some shots from our own thriller opening, so we could show how we have flowed the same convention and also show how the differences between them.

screen shots from "Electra Luxx (NSFW):

Looking at both of the shots we have realized that the conventions are the same as its a close up of the eyes indicating a mysterious suspenseful event that's going to occur.

This is another example of how both thriller openings have used close ups to grab the audiences attention. The fact that both opening uses red lipstick shows that both characters symbolize  sexiness and Femininity.

We have realized that although the thriller is an animated, we have similar conventions which signified hidden identity and mystery. such as in our thriller we have used a slightly low angle shot to show that she is in power and in control in this particular situation. Also in electra luxx her identity is hidden because you can only see her eyes and her hair.

Below are images of the feet scenes from our thriller opening. the conventions that are similar to electra lurr are the feet scenes. although its not done in close up we believed that they purposly made her feet cross over to show feminine power.

below are also some more screen shots of femiinnine behaviour and activities such as in our threiller we have a screen shot of a wig, make-up bag, red lipstick, to show how they use their sexiness to get mens attention. in one of Electra lurr screen shots show a group of woment which indecates power and control.

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