Wednesday, 23 March 2011


i feel that editing is one of the most challenging tasks that i have been given.  in a way it also has helped me top develop my editing skills as i am now able to edit successfully with my group. 

We have decided to use some dissolves in our openings as we wanted to borrow some ideas from other film openings. e.g seven and stepfather. BELOW IS AN EXAMPLE

As we had so many of the same shots just from different angels it was easy for us to do match cuts as we had the advantage because we could choose from a variety of shots. we decided to do match cuts mainly because it some of the shots were not shoot properly throughout the shot. therefore we had to do a range of match cuts, as a result we wanted the match cut to fit in with the rest of the opening and not look like it had been cut to roughly.

we also used a lot of match cuts and close ups as we noticed that a lot of thrillers such as "dexter" included this in their film.

we used a lot of close ups as it showed insecurity and hidden identity. we done this to get the audiences attention and assure that they do not become bored. it also allows the audience to question the characters reasons for dressing this way; to question their identity.

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