Saturday, 19 March 2011

Thriller planning:Title sequence

As we had an idea of what ouyt film was going to be about and based on, we had to think about the type of shots we was going to produce/ have in our film, we also had to think about the style of editing would be effective and go with our film.

For inspiration we looked at films such  as Taking Of Pelham 123 although we have already used this as an example of most of our inspiration we felt that the way that they presented the film was effective. we say this becasue we loved the way that pace of the title sequence blended in with the actual film pace. making everything easy to follow and understand.

We decided as a group to have a lot of close ups. however we did have doubts about this as we felt too muc close up would be over the top. In conclusion we decided to go ahead with idea of having most of the shots being close ups. We decided to this because we was inspired by films such as Dexter which showed most of the shots being filmed close up.

The film dexter really inspired me as i felt that it created a creepy atmosphere where it made me as the audience feel uncomfortable also wanting to know more as i continued to watch the film. I felt that this was affective because it showed him doing normal daily routine eg shaving, cooking, eating, getting dressed and tying his shoe laces.  For example when shaving we see a close up of a cut with blood dripping like he's slit his trough and the meat sizzling that bring connotations of burning flesh. However by using the close ups and the slighty calm but suspicious music it allows us as the audience to think about whats happening in the scene.

I feel inspired by this although it has nothing to to do with our film topic the use of shots allowed us to make our main character of our film have a hidden identity. for example when she put on the lipstik the close up of the lips was a reason to use close ups, as we want to catch ever detail of her every movement.

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