Thursday, 24 March 2011

Title Sequence - Timeline

First: ‘Film Director’ – [ lasts 3 seconds]
Second:  Actor 1- [lasts 3 seconds]

Third: Actor 2- [lasts 3 seconds]

Fourth: Actor 3- [lasts 3 seconds]

Fifth: actor 4- [lasts 3 seconds]

Sixth: Actor 5- [lasts 3 seconds]

Seventh: Actor 6- [lasts 3 seconds]

Eighth: Actor/Director- [lasts 3 seconds]

Ninth: Actor 8- [lasts 3 seconds]

Tenth: TITLE NAME – [lasts 8-10 seconds]
The title lasts a little longer than the rest because it is the name of the film the viewers are watching; the most important feature of the opening title sequence. It is also in a bigger font in capital letters and this is to catch the viewer’s eyes and stand out from the rest of the titles. 

Eleventh: Featuring Actors- [lasts 6 seconds]

Twelfth: Casting By [lasts 3 seconds]

Thirteenth: Music Supervisor [lasts 3 seconds]

Initially I wanted to use Se7en for our inspirational title sequence, but realised that it would not fit into our opening at all.

So i think that The title sequence to 'Reservoir Dogs' is very similar to what we have used. The font is a serif font. The text is on a black background and on the moving pictures. The orange writing on the black background stands out and catches the readers attention. It signifies that they should pay attention to the text too. 

This text connotes some sophisticated essence and shows some professionalism, just like the characters in the movie and in our own opening.

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